Dental Crowns

Broken or worn teeth can take years off of your smile and can have a lasting negative impact on your overall health. Crowns can be a great way to restore your teeth to their original form and function. A dental crown serves to cover and protect your existing tooth to prevent further wear and damage. There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend a crown.

The key benefits to dental crowns include:

  • Protects a broken or fractured tooth.

    Fracture lines that form in teeth are not like fracture lines that form in your other bones. If you break your arm, you are given a cast to protect the fracture while it heals. Your teeth are different. Fracture lines in teeth do not heal in the same way as a fracture in your arm. More times than not, if fracture lines are ignored, they can propagate and go deeper into the tooth and cause more pain and discomfort. By protecting the tooth with a crown, we are bracing the fractured segments together to help prevent that fracture line from moving deeper into the tooth.

  • Protects the tooth after a root canal.

    After the root canal is completed, there will no longer be a nerve or blood supply inside of the tooth, which is why root canals work to relieve patients of pain. Since these teeth no longer have a blood supply, they can be more brittle if not protected by a dental crown.

  • Strengthens and protects worn teeth.

    Night time grinding, aggressive tooth brushing, wear from acidic foods/beverages or acid reflux are a few examples that can lead to significant tooth wear. A dental crown protects teeth that have been badly damaged from tooth decay as well.

  • Improves overall appearance of the tooth.

    We have total control over the shape and color of your custom dental crown. We are able to make the crown so it looks natural and will blend in with your other teeth.

an illustration of a broken tooth

Are you in need of a dental crown to protect your smile?

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