Snap-On Dentures

Benefits of Implants for Snap-On Dentures

Snap-on dentures are usually reserved for edentulous patients – patients with no teeth. It can be very difficult for patients to transition to complete dentures especially if they have most of their natural teeth to begin with. 

  • Implants will help anchor the dentures against the gums and provide greater retention and stability. 
  • Without implants to help anchor the dentures, patients often complain of denture movement and difficulty when eating and talking. 
  • If your dentures are constantly sliding around in your mouth, it can be very difficult to receive proper nutrition and affect your overall health. 
  • Adding dental implants can be a significant life changing improvement over your current traditional dentures.
an illustration of a denture implant on the lower jaw

Ask us how dental implants for snap-on dentures can improve your experience!

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