Teeth Whitening

We can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. A great place to start improving your smile is through teeth whitening. We have many patients who have tried the over-the-counter whitening systems, but have been disappointed with the end result. Maybe they didn’t get the final color they wanted, or maybe they developed sensitive teeth and decided that bleaching may not be an option for them.

There are many bleaching products on the market for patients to try and we are often asked what product is the best?

Tooth Whitening Systems

The whitening system that we use at Ebner Family Dentistry can help you reach the color you desire while drastically reducing any sensitivity that could arise from bleaching your teeth. We take molds of your teeth and make custom fitting trays that you use at home with a bleaching solution that has a built-in desensitizer. The advantage of using this system is that you can bleach your teeth at your own pace. The more you use it, the whiter your teeth will appear. Although every patient has a different starting point and end goal in mind, most patients are happy with the color of their teeth after 2 weeks, often seeing results before then. 

Teeth Whitening On Demand

Certain foods and drinks can naturally darken your teeth over time. Mother Nature likes to take hold and our teeth can appear darker as we age, too. The advantage of our whitening system is that if you notice your teeth getting darker from foods or drinks, like coffee or wine, you can use the custom bleaching trays and solution again at home until you get back to where you want to be. There is no need to make another appointment to whiten your teeth, you have everything you need at home! You have total control with this system. If there is a wedding or family reunion coming up, or if you want your teeth to be nice and bright for some other occasion, you can “touch-up” your smile beforehand. 

Will bleaching damage my teeth or gums?

Another question we are frequently asked is if bleaching will damage your teeth or gums. Again, this is another benefit to the system that we recommend. The custom trays fit your teeth perfectly, which means that the bleaching solution will be held firmly against your teeth and have a much lower chance of gum irritation. Additionally, the whitening solution we recommend is gentle but effective, so there is no concern of damaging that precious enamel! 

a woman's teeth before and after a teeth whitening treatment

Ask us about how we can help you get started towards the smile you deserve.

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