Traditional Dentures

Traditional complete dentures are one way to give patients a set of teeth who otherwise might not have any.  They rest on top of your gums and give you surfaces to chew against.

Advantages of Traditional Dentures

  • Cost
    Dentures are a cost-effective treatment option when a patient cannot afford dental implants.

  • Aesthetics
    Since we have total control of what the dentures look like we are able to customize the denture to be exactly what you want.

  • Support
    Dentures support facial muscles and structures and are a great option for patients who have had gum and bone loss. 

Disadvantages of Traditional Dentures

  • Retention
    With no dental implants to anchor the denture, complete dentures can move and slide around in your mouth making eating and talking difficult to adjust to. 

  • Removable
    Dentures must be removed and cleaned after eating and at night before bed.
a close up of a set of upper teeth dentures

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