Emergency Dental Services

Do you have a dental emergency? At Ebner Family Dentistry we do our best to accommodate dental emergencies by offering same-day emergency dental services. Whether you’re a current patient or a new patient we are here to help. We will work with you to provide the earliest available appointment for your dental emergency. Occasionally, a next day appointment will be necessary.

Our Emergency Dental Services Include:

  • Toothache Relief

    There are many reasons why you may have a toothache. It is important to call your dentist so that they can diagnose the problem. If left untreated, toothaches can turn into bigger issues.

  • Broken Teeth

    If a tooth or filling becomes chipped, broken, loose, or is knocked out, we will be able to give you treatment options going forward. Root Canal Therapy- A root canal is a great way to save your tooth, avoid an extraction and get you out of pain.

  • Lost Filling or Crown

    A filling or crown serves to protect your tooth. When you lose a filling or crown the tooth can become very sensitive, especially to temperature and sweets. If you have lost a filling or crown, please contact our office to schedule our earliest available appointment.

  • Jaw Swelling

    A swollen jaw can occur from many dental related issues. If you have jaw swelling, do not wait to contact a dentist. Swelling can spread and cause difficulty in breathing and swallowing.  If you are experiencing difficulty breathing or swallowing, the infection may be so advanced that you may need to go to the Emergency Room at a hospital.

a female dentist looks at dental xrays

Do you need emergency dental services?

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